Turbo’s Adventures


Many of you have already met Turbo, our Sulcata tortoise. Turbo is the mascot of Animal Kingdom USA. The “Turbo Adventures” are based on a cartoon persona of the actual Turbo. But what many of you don’t know is that Turbo is an adventurous soul. He loves to travel around the store, especially at night. He has gotten into many funny predicaments and can teach us all a thing or two about life. You will find a new story here, on a regular basis, that we hope you and your children will find delightful and amusing.

Turbo’s First Adventure

The day started as usual at 8:00 a.m. The lights came on and I heard people talking. There was a lot of hustling around. Everyone was cleaning and sweeping.

They left me some nice cool water to drink. This was much appreciated since it was August and warm although I am kept inside.

I wandered out of my hut and took a look around. My den was getting so much attention. Many balloons were being placed, tables and chairs set up around me. What was all the fuss about I wondered?

I was next carefully placed in a large bin of water. As I roamed thru the warm water, I loved the feel of it on my body. You see I am a Sulcata Tortoise, and I love to bathe. This is a very nice swimming pool for me, but luckily it is shallow since tortoises can’t swim.

A luxurious grooming came next; it was like a day at the spa. I was dried off, my shell shined, and my legs were massaged. Oh, what a glorious feeling!

I was then placed carefully back into my clean home which was filled with peat, sand, soil and some lovely fresh hay. I started munching on the hay right away as I need nourishment for my fifty-plus pounds.

I fell asleep for a few hours (since it was such a hectic morning).

I was awakened by the sound of many children carrying gifts and hand-made cards. They broke into a chorus of “Happy Birthday dear Turbo,” which, of course, is my manly name.

Wow, I thought, it’s my birthday!

All the beautiful cards were placed around the outside of my home. I was given gifts of kale, spinach, strawberries, melon and, best of all, a vegetable cake made just for me!

I received many rubbings on my shell and had lots of pictures taken with children and adults. They all had huge smiles on their faces. What a great time, I had!

As the day wore down, I had time to reflect on my birth seven years ago. I was told my mom weighed around 200 lbs. (something I have to look forward to), and that I was born in an outdoor pen in California.

Being born in captivity definitely had its advantages. I was given food and water daily and did not have to forage for it on my own. I had a few brothers and sisters and they all found nice homes. I stayed with my mom and dad for a while and then was sent to live in a home not too far away.

I stayed there for two years but outgrew my habitat and was eating too much for the owners to handle.

So I was put in a comfortable carrier, placed on a plane and flown across the country.

I am so happy now. I live in a huge indoor pen in a New York pet store with sunlight, heat, and all life’s necessities. I have become the store mascot, and my five years here have been filled with love and adventures.

I would love to share more with you, possibly, at another time. For now, I am finishing off my cake and getting some rest.